Steps to Open Your Home Safe

Keeping valuables safe and secured in your home requires a safe that’s strong, yet accessible. CMI design a wide array of home, business, executive and gun safes for securing your fortune. CMI safes may have a key or combination lock based on your specific needs. They are both strong enough to keep your valuables out…

Learn Something about Gun Safes

If you are a passionate gun collector and love to keep guns in your house, you do have a responsibility to have all the knowledge about gun safes.
Functions of gun safes
Gun safes are designed specifically to protect your guns from several unfavorable conditions as well as store your ammunition safely. With a gun safe in your home, you can gain access to them quickly when you need to prevent children and thieves from using the weapons in an inappropriate way.

How do Fire Protection Safes Work?

In the event of a fire you could lose everything. To avoid accidents, thefts and other unfortunate ends, a fire should be inaccessible to pretty much everyone. A fire safe is a container with some form of lock that is meant to keep the contents safe both from theft and from being burned up in…